White Fillings

Our talented dentists create natural, healthy and beautiful smiles that are individually designed.

Dentistry On Gipsy Hill practice minimally invasive dentistry, which means they will always endeavour to save healthy tooth tissue by offering tooth-kind alternatives, such as composite bonding and less damaging veneers. Artistic composite bonding is probably the most conservative of all cosmetic treatments.

Composite bonding involves minimum alteration to your original tooth and is reversible if none of the tooth enamel is removed. The treatment restores minor cracks, chips or small gaps using a tooth-coloured material to produce a long-lasting result.

Cosmetic contouring is a quick and simple way of enhancing the look of your teeth by minor reshaping to achieve a more attractive smile. Tooth-coloured fillings are a fast and simple procedure that is completed in one visit to restore a more natural look to your teeth.

The material used is matched very closely to the shade of your natural teeth and the results are seen immediately, allowing us to dramatically improve your smile in a single appointment. The result is a straighter, more uniform smile. It can also be used to replace silver amalgam fillings.

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